About Us

“What do you think is the greatest challenge for India in the next decade?” the near universal answer was “air pollution”.

After researching academic publications, health studies, news sources and historical pollution data we began to realize the scale of the issue, a problem that was claiming the lives of literally millions of people around the world every year. A curiosity turned into a passion, which morphed into an obsession – better air.

We’ve all had the days where our head is pounding and that little itch in the back of our throat seems to get the best of us. Well, for Gcare-India mask, this was the day-to-day norm due to a sinus disability. Day in and day out we used to be on the dusty trails of peak hours in Bangalore. As the sun fell beyond the horizon each night, we would pull into the garage with a dirt smile ear to ear and routinely we’d mutter, “Where’s the mask?” We won’t go into detail there – you get where we’re going as many of us can relate.

Day in and day out, without exception, we spent our time in developing what has taken the industry by storm today. The goal was to offer a mask that was sleek enough to fit under a helmet, comfortable enough to be worn all day, effective enough to filter 99.9% of particulates, and durable enough to be used day in and day out. It was then, Gcare Air-Purifier Mask was born. Our fully committed, passionate team is devoted to providing cutting edge products to the air born particulate community. Now you may be thinking – that’s almost everyone. Here’s what we’re thinking at Gcare-India Air purifier mask, “Why settle?”