“By combining craftsmanship and technology, the GCARE is shaping the future of respiratory protection. Our Air purifier mask offers remarkable corn-fortability while consistently delivering top of the line filtration. With an assortment of laboratory tested masks and filters to choose from, we are the INDIA’s trusted source of reusable air filtration masks.”

Why use GCARE Air purifier?

Protecting your health – one breathe at a time, the human race is exposed to more air born particulates than ever before. As air filtration evolves, we strive to be at the front of the pack – doing so, by combining comfort and durability, with an effec-tive, long lasting replaceable filter. The Gcare Air purifier mask is unparalleled in its class. Laboratory tested to be 99.9% effective down to .3 mircons the Gcare mask is the one solution to your air born particulate protection. A strategically planned product line of assorted styles and filtration levels results in a seamless experience in a variety of situations.

    ↑ increased comfortability
    ↑ increased durability
    ↑ increased breathability
    ↓ decreased condensation
    ↓ decreased particulate inhalation
    ↓ decreased filtration costs

Protect against

  • dust pollution
  • allergens
  • odors